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Group Leader

Dr Dimitrios P. Vlachakis

Assistant Professor in Genetics

Meet the Dream Team:

PostDoctoral Fellows:

Stefanos Leptidis

Senior Research Scientist
CardioMyopathy MicroArrays

Natasa Palaiogeorgou

Senior Research Scientist
Microbiome Genetics

PhD Students:

Sofia Raftopoulou

PhD Student
Genetic and Structural Investigation of hGR Involvement in Cancer

Louis Papageorgiou

Post Doc
Azure Expert - Antiviral Drug Design and Immunoinformatics

Maria Moradi

PhD Student
Plant Extracts as Antibiotics Against Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria Infections

Markezina Sigala

PhD Student
Stress Responce and Hormones in Maintaining Homeostasis

Athanasios Mitsis

PhD Student
hGR Polymorphisms in Stress

Katerina Pierouli

PhD Student
Viral Genetics

Eleni Papakonstantinou

PhD Student
Genomics Cloud SuperComputing

Konstantinos Sallis

PhD Student
Genomics of Olive Tree Cultivars

MSc Students:

Mariantzela Komninou

MSc Student
3D Graph Theory on Proteins

Margarita Papagiannopoulou

MSc Student
Galaksio Suite Development

Konstantina Konstandara

MSc Student
Radiation Physics and Genetic Stability

Olga Flogera

MSc Student
Gene Association Databases in Cancer

BSc Students:

Kalliopi Io Diakou

Viral Genomics, Motif Extraction
and Viral Geoevolution

Panagiota Kaisaridi

LRRK2 Molecular Modelling
and Structural Arrangement

Konstantinos Kalafentakis

Molecular Modelling & Pharmacophore
Design of Tetranychus evansi

Eleni Pikasi

Exosomics. The study of Exosomes
on Human Breast Milk.

Maria Douvali

Human Genome Minimal absent words
& Natural Language Processing

Vasso Geronda

Hormone Biosynthesis
& Emotional Biochemistry

Alkis Mpoulamatsis

HIV-type b Phylogenetics
& Geoepidimiology

Maria Koulouri

Neurodegenerative Genomics
& Congitive Therapy

Styliani Kotiou

Flight or Fight or Freeze Response
Survival of the Fittest?

Natalia Bozika

Algorithm Engineering for
Music and Biological sequences

Maria Tasakou

Computer aided Drug Design
of the Helicase of Ebola Virus

Marciant Chila

LRRK2 Molecular Modelling
and FADD interaction MDs

Evangelia Christou

Microbiome Genetics
and Eating Disorders

Antonios Roussos

MCT4 Homology Modelling
& Molecular Dynamics

Maria Takla

Antibody Drug Conjugate
Computer-aided Modelling

Efrosini Louka

Genetics of Suicidal Tendencies
Haplotype Analysis

Ifigenia Gidoni

Genetics of Suicidal Tendencies
Geoepidimiology of Suicides in Europe

Glykeria Spyrou

Protein Similarity Searches
Using Cosmological Maps

Konstantinos triantafilopoulos

Olive Proteomics Analysis
& Cell Cultures

Marianna Christodoulou

Drug Design & Biological Assay
of Dengue Helicase Enzyme

Aristi Pisiofta

Drug Design & Biological Assay
of Dengue Polymerase Enzyme

Marina Kostopoulou

Hair Cortisol Metabolomics
as Medical Genetics Biomarker

Emmanouil Fellas

Molecular Aging
TGF-beta Biochemistry

Nicolaos Fasoulakis

Forensic Genetics

Sofia Gretsi

Stress Induced Sleep Disorders
Based on Cortisol Levels

Eirini Valsamaki

Genetic & Structural study of Notch1
Pediatric Hyalinosis Genetics

Michael Chaldeos

CuDA & GP-GPU Molecular Modelling
of the LRRK2 Polyprotein

Ariadni Papadaki

Genetic & Clinical Analysis of the Mayer
Rokitansky Küster Hauser Syndrome

Dimitris Bekiari

LDH Assay and Cell Immobilization
in Rat Adipose Tissue

Martha Konstantopoulou

High Throughput Screening for
Olive Neuro Metabolomics

Efimia Kolonia

Cyctic Fibrosis Genetics
Linking CF Geno->Pheno-Type

Despina Sxinaraki

Genetic and Clinical Investigation of a
Pediatric Adams-Oliver Case

Fillipa Palkira

Genetic and Clinical Investigation
of MKRN3 in Early Puberty

Nikos Dermitzakis

Drug Design & Biological Assay
of HCV Helicase Enzyme

Maria Anastasoviti

Biochemical Adjustments of native EBOV
Glycoprotein in Patient Samples

Olga Vittou


Kali Baldou

Drug Design & Biological Assay
of HCV Polymerase Enzyme

Stathis Doukakis

Applications of OCT technology
in Small Vessel Disease

Amerissa Samothraki

Antibody Drug Conjugates
Payload & Linker Screening

Livia Shalzi

Stress Hormone Biosynthetic Pathway
Evolutionary Analysis

Maria Georga

Genetics of CADASIL syndrome
Modelling of 200+ NOTCH3 Mutations

George Zisios

Detecting Early Signs of Decline
Using Sensors & Cybernetics

Melpo Bazaka

Genetic and Structural Analysis of a
gene involved in Kawasaki Syndrome



Final Year Project Students & Erasmus+ Students
please email us here

We are always looking for motivated PhD students and qualified Post Docs who can identify with our group and research interests. If you are interested in joining forces, please get in touch!

Group Collaborators

Prof George P. Chrousos

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Medical School of Athens

more detail

Prof Evangelia Charmandari

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Medical School of Athens

more detail

Prof Vasileios Megalooikonomou

Computer Engineering and Informatics Department, University of Patras

more detail

Prof Sophia Kossida

Univeristy of Montpellier, France

more detail

Prof Leonidas Stefanis

BRF, Academy of Athens

more detail

Dr Nicolas Nicolaides

Medical School of Athens

more detail

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