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Welcome to the Genetics & Computational Biology Group!

Dr. Dimitrios P. Vlachakis, Assistant Professor in Genetics, Biotechnology Dept, Agr. University of Athens

The genetics and computational biology group belongs to the Genetics laboratory (Department of Biotechnology) of the Agricultural University of Athens. Our research revolves around the investigation of the genetic elasticity of viral genomes (antigenic drift/shift). We are fascinated by the rate of mutagenesis and amount of genetic rearrangements that viral species can tolerate and still survive. We have been working with the flaviviridae viral family, which is a super-highly mutagenic and diverse viral family, mainly due to the fact that flaviviridae are single stranded RNA viruses and completely lack any kind of genomic proofreading machinery. Traditional genetic approaches fail to keep up, as sequence conservation among strains of the flaviviridae family can drop to less than 20% sequence identity. Our research is fixated on the investigation of alternative approaches to efficiently study viral genetics, mainly by the multimodal fusion of information from genetic, structural and physicochemical analysis. In order to achieve this we use a repertoire of techniques that range from DNA engineering, SDM, Cloning, Expression and Purification, all the way to Computational Biology, Molecular Modelling and Bioinformatics.


Nuclear Receptors

We are fusing genomic information and invegtigate associations and synergies between various genes. We are interested in Nulcear Receptors and Stress responce

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A genetic and bioinformatic approach for pest control via inhibiting the key functional and metabolizing enzymes of endosymbiotic bacterial strains

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We have established our own tools and algorithms to cluster antibodies based on structural and physicochemical properties of both their Framework and CDR regions

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Antiviral Drug Design

Helicase & polymerase are key enzymes for the survival of the virus. Using Med Chem we design low molecular weight compounds to inhibit those enzymes

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Anticancer Drug Design

Targeting key enzymes in cell cycle, proliferation and genome processing that overexpress in cancer is a promising approach for novel chemo agents

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Neurodegenerative diseases

We showed that co-expression of fragments of LRRK2 that contain the FADD binding motif blocks the interaction with FADD, and is neuroprotective

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in Peer-Reviewed International Journals


BioInfo Applications

Genetics, Structural Biology & Computer-aided drug design


Scientific Books

Peer-reviewed monographs, edited volumes and chapters


International Patents

Both patents involve novel compounds currently in clinical trials


Laboratory of Molecular Endocrinology
Our lab studies the physiology and pathophysiology of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) and gonadal (HPG) axes and the autonomic nervous system, as they relate to each other, and as they influence growth, development, metabolic and immune functions

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Dimitris holds a Visiting Research Fellowship at the Algorithm Design & Bioinformatics Group of the Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences. The group resides in the Strand campus (London WC2R 2LS) and is part of the Department of Informatics of KCL

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Dimitris has been appointed an Investigator at the University Research Institute of Maternal and Child Health and Precision Medicine of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA)


Dimitris has established an adjunct research collaboration with the Sidra Medical Center in Qatar and the Weill Cornell Medical School in Qatar. The aim of the project is to investigate the human genome and to analyze and the evaluate the functional consequences of genetic variability that lead to child disease and cancer


The Multidimensional Data Analysis and Knowledge Management Laboratory in the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics of the University of Patras is a laboratory devoted to research and educational activities related to the development of methodologies, algorithms and software tools for the efficient analysis and management of multidimensional data


EDCTP - Ebola Project

A Research Inovation Action (RIA) Grant from the Emergency Funding Mechanism 2018

Frailsafe - Horizons2020

I am leading the Data Management & Analytics WP of the FrailSafe Horizons Project

Amazon SuperComputing Grant

We were successful in securing an Amazon Cloud Supercomputer Grant for Genetics 2018-2019

MS Azure for Genomics

We received a Microsoft Azure Grant for Genomics Research in 2018

eCOST Action Grant

Our group secured an eCOST Networking Action Grant for 2018-19

Amazon Education Grant

We got an AWS Education Grant for Teaching Cloud Computing to Undergraduate Students



Dimitris is the Chair of the Publicity and Public Relations Project Committee of the European Molecular Biology Network. Dimitris is also the Greek Node Manager for EMBnet

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Journal of Molecular Biochemistry

Dimitris is the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Molecular Biochemistry, which is an open access journal covering all areas relevant to the subject of molecular biochemistry

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EMBnet Journal

Dimitris is the Deputy Editor in Chief of the European Molecular Biology Network Journal (ISSN: 2226-6089), which focuses on Molecular Biology, Genomics & Advanced Bioinformatics

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EMBnet GR Node

Find out more about the Greek EMBnet society!
Join activities and get involved! Check out ongoing workshops and funding opportunities

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Azure SuperComputing Workshop

Dimitris, Louis and Eleni are teaching the MS Azure cloudomics ecosystem in Barcelona in a CHARME, eCOST action EC project

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QATAR Genomics Project

Dimitris has established a collaboration with the Department of Human Genetics, Translational Medicine Div, Sidra Medical & Research Center.

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